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Please Recommend A Looper


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What are your requirements? How do you plan to use it? Budget? Max. loop duration? Overdubbing? Need stored loops? How many? Midi control? ... etc .......


Maybe do some basic product research to identify a few qualifying candidates, then request opinions on the best of those?

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my requirements are: budget 200-300, doesn't have to store a lot, max loop time 3-5 min, one or two overdubs, midi? what's that :huh: i was looking at the boss with the two pedals, used on ebay and the looper from boss with 1 pedal. if i can get by, considering my requirements, should i get the cheaper model or get the more expensive and have more options as i get familiar with the looper operation? oh yeah, new or used?

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200-300 what? Groats, shillings or drachma?


I can also recommend the RC-300.


I got mine for £280 second hand and sold my RC-50 for £250, so not a bad deal, especially as I bought the RC-50 new in some deal for £260.


The 300 is much easier to use than the 50 and that three hours of storage, plus the ability to import wave files as backing tracks, is great.

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get at least an rc3, preferably rc30... the 2/20 is really limited, although still better than the HD builtin, because of the quantizing and rhythm...

for the cash though... i'd squirrel away and get a 50 or 300... but again both probably overkill.. but thats extra fun while you have it...

and good resale when you're done.

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quantizing helps you start and stop your loops on specific beats... rather than having say an extra lingering 1.8th note because your footwork wasnt perfect... which of course hoses the whole loop.

pretty sure that all of the boss models rc2+ have this... just not familiar with anything older.

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i really can't recommend their loopers... i wish i could!

could have saved the cost and footspace of the RC300 i ended up getting.

their one standalone looper, the JM4... is interesting...

in case you haven't put it together... it's basically a spider jam without the amp...

it even has the amp models... (spider 3 amp models...)

it would be fun, since you can load backing tracks etc...

I personally just wasn't swayed with the older tech in it...


yeah  i need that. no plug for line6?

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I have been trying to use an RC-3 with my Line 6 Spider IV 75,  the first loop sounds great,  but when I try to play along side it or overdub, it is real choppy and sounds like half volume.   For example,  say I loop a rhythym,  then try to play lead while the loop is looping,  it sounds horrible,  choppy  just not what I wanted.    ANY body have any advice or comments.  Thanks,   Spent $ 200 for the RC-3  and can return it  but only for like 3 more weeks.  ( 30 day return policy )    Thanks for any advice anyone has. 

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I have both the Boss RC-30 ($300 USD) and TC Electronics Ditto ($129 USD)

I could recommend either.



- Stereo in/out
- 2 channels

- USB capable

- Takes mic input for vocal loops

- two footswitches

- facilities for extra footswitches for more deicated use

- Boss Twin Pedal series sized

- Not true bypass

- 3 hours of loop time and 99 slots to save loops in

- built in (but basic) rhythm guide tracks


Ditto Looper:


- One button and one knob
- Mono in/out

- Bone simple ops

- 5 minutes loop time

- pristine audio quality

- true bypass

- tiny foot print, smaller than boss/mxr style pedals.


I should add that looping is a bit of a challenge at first timing wise, but once you get it down it's a fabulous tool.  I use the Ditto in my all analog/tube rig and I use the RC-30 with the digital POD/Variax rig.

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