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Please help! Will the cheap $99 FBV express MKii footswitch work with Pod HD pro X?!?


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I have the Line 6 POD Pro X, All I need is something that will simply change channels. Like if im playing Fade To Black, I just need to be able to switch from clean chanel to dirty channel on the fly.. Will this footswitch work or do I need a more fancy one?


If it works then how? Because this footswitch only has 4 channels and we all know the Pods have way more channels than that, so how exactly can you navigate the Pod with a footswitch that only has 4 channels?

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The FBV Express will allow you to switch between the 1st 4 presets, use the tuner and vol/wah. To navigate you walk up to the unit and spin the knob. :)


Yeah it seems nice and is good in a pinch but you really want the FBV MKII Shortboard (you know you do). A used one will run you close to the price of what a new FBV Express runs. The MKI is not too shabby either (missing the looper switch IIRC) the display is a bit larger.

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