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4 Cable Method - POD HD Bean?

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Hey Everyone^^,

after I saw some videos about connecting the POD HD 500, Pro X .... via 4 cable method with an amp I asked myself, can i do this with the POD HD Bean too?

At home I have an Engl Screamer 50 and the POD HD Bean and I "love" the warm tone of the Screamer 50^^.

The Bean has "Left/Right Output" and I thought about to use this in combination with the Input of the Engl.
There is also the FX Loop Send/Return of the Engl.

Maybe I have to chance the Setting of the Pod but before I do anything, I need some advice's ^^

Thanks for your help

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O Yes my man!! The Mighty SpaceAtl cracked the code on that a while back:.


Here is the link and I'll paste the text to save it in case it gets archived at some time.






This is a thread I posted a long while back that is in the old forum...Just figured I would bring it here after it came up in a thread earlier today...enjoy!



So I have been meaning to sit down and do this for a couple of weeks...Life kept getting in the way...But I finally had a little time to re-spin the patches I need for an upcoming show using the HD Bean...And yes, you read this correctly...I am using the bean in 4 Cable Mode. It works like a dream...


I have a DT50 and for this show coming up I am need just a few more FX than my HD400 can muster...It's close, but I really needed some of the programable footswitch stuff...And the HD Bean has enough FX blocks that I only really need two tones (Clean and Crunch) and I can get the rest of what I need using stomp blocks...However the caviat is that I can bypass the DT50 preamp if I like and use a pre model from the HD Bean...and 8 FX blocks...


You have to change the setup around a little to get this to work....I am using a female 1/4-> male XLR adapter to HiZ the mic input...turn the trim all the way down and it takes line level just fine...


The DT50 is all unbalanced, so in that case I need all typical unbalanced cables...


Cabling up


GTR-> HD GTR Input

HD Left Out->DT50 GTR Input

DT50 Send->HD Mic Input adapted

HD Right Out-> DT50 Return


In the setup menu, change input 2 to mic and input 1 is guitar...


For this to work, setup the chain as a dual tone patch with each amp set to NONE...For the FX blocks you want before the preamp, put those on the LEFT (TOP) Chain...For the stuff after the preamp, put those on the RIGHT (BOTTOM) Chain...mixer should be the last thing in the chain...Make Left is panned all the way Left and Right is all the way Right...


I am using a conventional channel switch with the DT50 and an FBV shortbiard with the HD Bean...


DT50 channels NFL2 Class A Pentode patch on A and an NFL4 Class AB Pentode on B...A is fairly clean with a hair of dirt when strings are spanked hard...Channel B is moderate Crunch with the Drive around 1 oclock...


I have included one of my more basic patches to get anyone started that is interested in trying this...To use it, change the extension to hbe and enjoy!

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