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What every Amplifi 30 Needs!


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So... Got the little guy to replace my venerable but sorely aging Micro Cube and the first two things I noticed were:


a) Unlike other Amplifi series amps, it does not have a cellphone/tablet rest slot and it needs one (C'mon, Line 6, there is plenty of room on the top bezel!).

b ) No handle to carry it. I have large fingers but still, it is awkward to lift it with one hand. Most table top practice amps I have seen either have a handle or are thin enough that you can easily lift them with one hand, but the Amplifi 30 is just one inch too thick to comfortably and securely lift with one hand. I am as lazy as it gets and I like to carry my guitar in one hand and the practice amp on the other (hate doing more than one trip anywhere, lol).


So I got the smallest magnetic cellphone holder (mostly seen in car dashboards) and attached it to the rear portion of the bezel. It came with multiple magnetic plates for cellphone and tablet, so I affixed one to my IPAD Mini 3 and another to my Phone (Samsung Note 4, you know, the NON-exploding kind :D ).


Then I got a couple of extra guitar strap pins that I had laying around and attached them to the sides (with the strongest double-sided tape I could find to still be able to remove them if I need warranty service).


Now I have a cellphone/iPad holder that keeps the device angled up for easy access and prevents it from sliding all over the place and a handle to carry it around. The magnetic holder can be set to almost any angle desired and it is strong enough to stay in place unless you bump the amp really hard or drop it... then again, if you drop it, nothing will hold the cellphone/iPad in place.


Here are the pics.



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