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Helix nails Iron Maiden with harmonies


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I would love to tackle Pantera. I've been arguing with myself for months over which tune/era I'd go for first. Cowboys... had such an impact and is instantly recognizable, but FBD is so much thicker, while ...Trendkill is my personal favorite. Too many options, too little time!

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Dude that's awesome!  Great job!  @malhavok


Umm.. do you take requests at making patches/presets?!  


Van Halen - 'Balance' tone, 'OU812' tone.. and of course, the 'Unchained' flanger.. Haven't come across an Unchained flanger setting in the Helix yet that is spot-on. 


Otherwise, seriously great sounds man 



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Your welcome man! 


Oh man.. any of those above-mentioned VH sounds would be awesome.  Both of those albums had very unique tones (for me, Balance is Ed's ultimate tone IMO even though he used all sorts of FX to widen/thicken his sound).  And really, if anyone can nail the Unchained flanger, then they deserve serious recognition!  I've tried a small handful of Helix flangers (including artist preset) and none come close to it.  Just my experience. 


What you do, the way you do it, and the passion you put into it is awesome man. Happy to pay for people's patches when you can clearly see they've invested time into them. 


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On 9/29/2018 at 2:38 AM, malhavok said:


You have no idea how hard I’ve tried!

Haha!  I'm just messing with you, of course.  You've always had great sounds, though.  I remember back when I had my X3L and my 500X and you would post tips, sounds and links on your site.  You were creating free sounds way before everybody else made it a standard practice.  Great job!

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