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UX2 unusable on MacOS Sierra!

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Once I updated my Macbook Pro late 2013 to MacOS Sierra 10.12 the UX2 usb audio interface crashes the computer.


Everytime I plug in the ux2 interface, the computer immediately restarts and gives the error message (white text on black background). I have tried both of my Mac's usb slots, tried taking everything off of the interface (monitors etc.) and tried it with and without power cable on my computer. Also, when I try to start my computer while the UX2 is plugged in, the Mac's starting screen has some white error messages and then the computer restarts. Nothing helps.


So atm I CAN'T USE THE INTERFACE AT ALL. Pod Farm software doesn't seem to have any problems. Please tell me if you've had these problems or you can help. 

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Download and run the newest version of the Line6 Monkey. If Monkey can't see your UX2 then download the driver installer file. 


Here's a link to the downloads which you also navigate to by clicking support at the top right of the page.

Thank you very much! It works now. 


I've been using a Macbook for 3 years and updated the OS many times so I didn't know I have to do that. I'm very thankful.

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Im having an issue with my tone port ux2 i upgraded to mac sierra and the vu metter wont start the red light starts flashing out and the sound card wont detect the intarface I ve dowloaded already the drivers and still it wont work.....!!!!!!

any help will come handy 


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