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Midi CC latency issue NOT RELATED TO ANY DAW, this is something else

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I'm trying to use a midi controller to control a floor pod plus.


I have a midi controller that I use with my trusty Zoom G9.2tt. It works perfectly. Zero latency. When I use it to send my CC signals to the pod plus, there is some terrible latency .. over 500ms I'd say.


Let me point out that the signal goes straight from the controller to the pod .. there is no computer involved. It's just standard midi.


Any ideas what could be causing this?


Cheers dudes.

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Ok, this seems like some kind of a bottleneck issue.

I can send simple toggle like CCs with no issue. I can also send brief CC expressions. But when I send expression messages the latency seems proportional to the duration of the expression.

More info.

I'm using a custom made midi controller which I can program to behave how I want. Basically it's an arduino with an accelerometer and pressure pads. It sends a midi CC value for each axis of the accelerometer plus one per pad (7 CCs in all). My Zoom pedal can quite happily sink all 7 CC mesages every 5ms with no bottleneck and apply the expression in real time.

Can anyone point me toward any info regarding the floor pod plus's response times to CC mesages?

Am I hoping for too much? I would very much like to achieve realtime control of as many aspects of the pod as possible.

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TBH it is probably a matter of trying to squeeze too much at one time through the FPP. The G9 has a pretty robust processor in it and can probably crunch through the commands fairly quickly where as the FPP being an entry level POD has to take its time if you are throwing many CC's at it. Like a 2000's car vs a 2010 car (well sort of).


Though on its own with its own switches and exp pedal there is really not much lag for basic ops.


That would be my guess.

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