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Latest Spider V Firmware - v1.05 released 1/17/18

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Spider V Firmware 1.05 Release Notes

Spider V v1.05.0 is a firmware update that includes fixes, stability improvements, and optimizations. It is highly recommended that all Spider V users perform this update.

This update will not affect any presets that have been modified by the user. If you wish to reload the factory presets, this can be performed by pressing and holding the home button and scrolling down to the "Factory Reset" function.

Thank you for using Spider V!

  • New improved factory patch bundle!

  • New Global setting: "Phones Mode" switches the headphone output between normal operation (Phone) and stereo line out (Line) for connecting to a mixer or audio interface without muting the speakers. In Line out mode, the headphone output is not affected by the position of the master volume, nor the presence of a cable inserted into the Phones jack. This is primarily for use on a Spider V that does not include XLR outputs.

  • Bug fixes

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