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Does this happen to you too?


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So today I spent a good deal of time reading posts about analog pedals....and the FX8.....And contemplated about selling Helix. When I got home, I kranked up the Marshall (4 cable method) and was floored about how good my amp sounded using the real preamp, (you know, tubes). When I switched over to my 2204 mod preset (Helix preamp), I was blown away again!! Sounded F'ng incredible. A /B ing them was crazy good! My point is....when ever I try to not like Helix...I absolutely love it!  Damn these company's for making me want everything!! Anyway just my warped, crazy day of day dreaming. Just wanted to add...I am 45...been playing since 7th grade. I've had many amps and went back and forth from multi-effects to pedals at least a dozen times. Helix is the first one (multi) to satisfy my old ears! 


Has anyone here used the  Laney IRT–X along with a tube amp for stereo separation. Wet effects through the Laney...How would that work 4 cable?? Would I need an amp and cab block with effects to the Laney?? 


Thanks everyone!! 

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