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Helix Pre-amp block into a poweramp: Marshall Poweramp


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Hey guys,

Ok...i have been racking my head for days trying to find a straight answer to this and it seems that my solution is almost found but never the exact answer i'm looking for.  I've used Line 6 product for years and very familiar with the 4cm on HD500, HD500X and now through my Helix.  I have it as part of my arsenal which is a Marshall DSL100H head.  So the 4cm sounds AMAZING!!!!  I love it, have several different patches and even jammed one preset with so many snapshots.  I'm very familiar with my stuff.  The only part i want to experiment with but have no clue how to properly execute is to use the pre-amps of the Helix straight into the power amp of the Marshall. I want to use the Mesa, Matchless, and other preamp models into my poweramp.  I already know not to model any cabinets whatsoever.


Ideally i want to use a preamp alongside with effects such as basically having the helix preamps models act like a real head a patch looking something like, compressor > dirt > dirt > chorus > pre-amp > delay > reverb > out to my Marshalls power amp


I dont care how its done cuz I'll do it.  I'm not looking so much for convenience as I am looking for best results.  I'm a junky that way...LOL.  Can this be accomplished leaving the 4cm cables all plugged in so that i dont have to go unplugging things all over the place?  Do I use 1 cable from the FX send straight into the amps FX return?  I pretty much want to completely bypass the preamp of my Marshall and only use the power amp. is it 1 cable from the Helix fx send into the Marshall's FX return?  In a block of the preset on the Helix put in only an FX Send 1 block after the pre-amp?  Before the pre-amp?  Do i utilize the full FX loop (FX Send 1 and the FX Return 1) into the marshalls FX send and return with the fx loop block in the helix after or before the preamp model?  I think you guys get the idea of what im trying to do.  I'm pretty much wanting to use my power amp of my Marshall and have my preamp models and effects act like the real deal.  IF anyone has the right and direct answer to this with even a diagram, i would greatly and humbly be thankful!!! 



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Very easy to do...guitar to input of helix...send #1 of helix to amp input...send of amp to return #1 of helex...output of helix to return of amp. Done..leave all cables. If you want your real preamp...use send return block #1(single block) in your patch. Effects in front of the block will be pre..and effects after will be after the preamp..such as reverb and delays. If you want the helix preamp...just use a preamp block in the send #1 block...therefore bybassing the "real" preamp. Either way...your using the poweamp of your Marshall...I've done it this way with my jcm2000...and love it. Hope this helps. Please ask any questions...

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