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Re-amping with Bass Pod Pro (not XT)

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Hi there,

I am sorry to bring this up as I am sure it has been discussed already but I can't find a clear solution and I am not much of an expert...

I have recorder a regular track with my BASS POD PRO (not XT version) and I would like to add more edge to it re-amping it to a different track, so I  got the first actual recorder track with the original sound and will have a new track with a re-amped new sound of choice.

I have a Presonus Fire Tube DI (so with all ins and outs necessary) and use Logic Pro X software.


I have tried all the possible combinations with and without the I/O plug in and useing the rear in's and outs in the Pod Pro but all I can record is always the original recored track sound (not new sound).


Please help me out because I'm going nuts with this :)


Thanks so much

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