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Emerald Green (standard) Variax (limited edition run)


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Looks nice in emerald green!!


OUR PRICE: $799.99

Quick Overview

Well that was fast!  We just sold through the entire first batch of these guitars in less than a day!  Hang tight, we'll have more next week!

In celebration of our 20th anniversary, Line 6 is pleased to introduce the new Variax® Limited Edition Emerald guitar. Featuring custom emerald green finish with a black pickguard and black pickups, each guitar includes a “Limited Edition†insignia and custom serialized number plate. Variax Limited Edition Emerald combines incredible Variax HD technology, addictive playability and unmatched versatility with a striking new look that demands attention.






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I have limited edition no. 007. It looks more like Black, plus I had to replace the vdi/jack component of the guitar. Had to travel to USA to get said part as they are not available to buy in the UK. I love Line6 products and own a few. But I feel firmware for a lot of the post Helix euphoria needs to sorted. I recently got a Helix LT and love it but my limited edition Emerald Variax sounds like a Banjo through it. When not using the VDI cable it sounds great with any of my guitars including the 007. Gonna put my Amplify 75 in the museum.

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