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Problem with Helix floor unit firmware update on Windows 8.1 64-bit

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As you can see in my screenshot, I have the Firmware version 1.12, and I am getting this error while trying to update my Helix.

I downloaded and installed the Helix Application v2.01, and my Line 6 updater was already v1.09, but it got reinstalled as well.

The Line 6 updater was giving this error both before I updated the Helix Application and afterwards.


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Thanks for your reply - it's good to know that I'm not the only one with this problem.

I uninstalled Helix Application 2.01 and installed the 1.12 version again, and it works with the 1.12 version of the firmware. I guess I'll stay with that until they take care of this problem.

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Not sure if you did this already but if you want to install the 2.01 firmware make sure you download the latest "Helix" 2.01 application. Once you install the latest Helix app it will install the latest version of the Windows or Mac driver, Editor, and Updater. These three apps are matched to the firmware version and you will absolutely have problems if they are not installed first before you do the firmware upgrade. The problem is that older versions of the Updater and other software may allow you to upgrade the firmware (or error out in your case) but the supporting software (latest driver, Editor, Updater) needs to be installed as well. You also want to be sure to do the global reset after a firmware upgrade.


It is a good idea to completely uninstall the Helix software first before installing the latest version. Good luck with your upgrade!

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