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USB Recording


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I've messed around with this. I connected the USB to my laptop and attempted to record through Audacity.


Whilst the quality isn't great and there is alot of white noise for lack of a better term, I did manage to record multiple tracks through and edit them through Audacity. That's mainly while writing heavy music, I imagine you'd be able to create an alright track through clean tones etc.


I've since got Reaper software but yet to give it a real go.


If anyone knows of anyway to kill the dead noise (maybe a suppressor or something?) I'd love to know.

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I've just got my Amplifi 75, updated the firmware, the USB driver and also, installed the Cubase license which came with the amp. First impressions very good quality sound recording by using the USB cable. 

I had an external M-Audio Fast Track Pro interface which I think I will sell it in Ebay as the USB interface of the amp is very nice

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