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Acoustic Sim IR v2 (made from JTV Variax) for Single Coil Neck Pickups


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Newest Acoustic Sim IR creation for my PRS guitar with single coil tap pulled and pickup in neck position.


R5 Acoustic SC v2.wav



Sound clips using my PRS in single coil neck mode


This clip has the IR block level at 0, LA Studio Comp with default settings, and a little Room Reverb block. No other eq or effects.

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Sounds great. I wonder how this would work on a strat?

Should work fine for a strat or anything with a neck singlecoil.


I actually made this IR from my new JTV 69 Variax by capturing and deconvolving signals from both the single coil neck pickup with the Variax Acoustic 5 model (not sure which mfr model that is). Thanks Line 6 and Helix for making this possible :)


While the Variax acoustic model sounds more like the real acoustic, this IR captures some of that essence and makes it accessible to standard electrics with single coil neck pickups.


I tried with other pickup postions, but neck turned out best.


I personally don't have much need for it having a Variax, but I did it because I could and thought non-variax owners could use it.

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I haven't used the Variax live yet. But I did notice a certain hollowness to the Variax Acoustic model itself. EQ helps. But there is more presence and punch to the IR of the same model with single coil mag pickup. It might do well in a live mix.


Maybe you can have one path Variax acoustic model and another path Variax mag and an IR of the same model. Might be a nice mix. Sort of like an acoustic guitar being captured with multiple sources. I have a Takamine with both piezo and mag to the internal preamp that sounds great.

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I created a patch that has the Variax Acoustic J model on one path and the Variax mag single coil neck pickup in the IR I created of the same Variax Acoustic J model.


VAX Acous + Mags.hlx


Here are some sound clips for comparison


Mag neck pickup through Variax Acoustic J Model IR


Variax Acoustic J model


Helix patch with Variax model on one path and Mag Neck PU through IR on the other

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