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Hey Titchy, comps are one of "those" pedals that are really more involved then what they appear on the surface.


You have to be careful and be aware that some of the comps add gain like the Tube Comp does with its Threshold setting. When you try the other comps (like the Blue Comp) "sustain" actually compresses the signal, so as you crank it the squashing will be noticeable. Being an old MXR guy I liked the Red Comp too as I used to get lost when a comp had too many choices. 8) 


You will have to play around a bit but you can also pop the comp at the end of the chain and don't forget you can roll off the volume knob on the guitar too. :)

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You will be fine my man and don't take ole Cranky Pants' comments too seriously, it is Monday after all. :)


I haven't fiddled with the comps too much recently but I liked the Red/Blue comps for cleans a bit better than the Tube Comp. Though for distortion the Tube Comp seemed to add some vibe. The way they affect gain is the thing to watch for and it can be subtle.


Switching to a lower output pickup (or higher) will also change how you set a comp up (like raising or lowering a pickup will to an extent).



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