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Hi guys,


I need some help pls in my wah. Everytime I click the expression pedal from pod x3 live to switch to wah, it makes my tone too loud which is a bit embarrasing when playing live.


Heard it can be calibrated so need guide what should be the right amount level to make it sound natural transition from normal tone to switching to wah.


Many thanks.

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FWIW: when the wah is turned on the vol goes to max (as the switch is going from vol to wah), to keep that from happening an external exp pedal ''exp2'' should be used if the vol jump is too much.


Hopefully a pedal recalibration will do the trick.




Via our Guru Silverhead:


Re: POD X3 Live Wah
by silverhead on 2009-11-04 18:56:30.9560

It's not in the manual - here's the snip from a FAQ document:

Q:  How do I calibrate the Expression pedal on the POD X3 Live?

A:  1. Go to test mode by holding down 'Right' on the directional pad when you power up.
     2. Highlight Pedal Cal.

     3. Press the INPUTS button.
     4. Set the pedal to the heel position.
     5. Press the A footswitch to get data on pwm duty cycles.
     6. Set the pedal to the toe position.
     7. Press the B footswitch to get data on pwm duty cycles.
     8. Press the C footswitch for automatic selection of the best duty cycle.
     9. Move the pedal to get smooth 0-255 Scaled Values.
   10. Press the D footswitch to save the settings.

Hope this helps!

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