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Who do I contact at Line 6 to make a suggestion about Helix training videos?


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I saw recently that Robbie Calvo has become a Helix enthusiast. That's great, because he's not only a great guitar player, but a great instructor. I've followed several of his guitar technique training videos on Truefire.com and I thought it would be pretty great if he were to do an in-depth training course on the Helix.


Now Truefire.com is focused on guitar/bass instruction, but they did have one of their instructors do a module on how to make the most out of loopers, so some hardware training wouldn't be that much of a stretch for them.


Since Robbie's already one of their popular instructors and since he's now become a Helix enthusiast it seems like a match made in heaven.


But how can I make this suggestion to Line 6? All the contact information on this site is focused on support or artist partnerships.


Truefire.com wrote me to say hardware-based training would normally be initiated by the manufacturer and to suggest it to them.


Any ideas anyone?



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