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Metal/ High Gain tones for the Helix

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Hi There ,


I'd like to open up this thread as a repository for great metal tones to use with the Helix.


I would also like some important criteria to be indicated when sharing presets.


1. Mix ready or stage ready

2. Suggested Pickup configuration

3. Sub-Genre (Progressive/ Death/ Djent etc.)

4. Suggested IRs (possibly direct share if free)

5. General tips/ improvements

6. Link to tone/ preset (possibly direct share if free)

7. Sound Sample if possible.


There are of course in no particular order.


Please upvote the tones you like as well. 

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To start off with, I'd like to suggest the John Browne tone pack for the Helix. Works great for progressive metal/ djent. 


In my experience this works well with guitars with active pickups.


Not sure what exactly you need to make it work with passives.


Contains cleans, classic and modern high gain tones.


Uses in built cabs and is available at:



EQ to taste


Sound sample available at


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