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Hd 500 / Looking For Primordial, My Dying Bride Settings

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Hi there to all, just bought the fantastic HD500 and i'm speechless !!! Anyway i'm looking for Doom Death Metal Patches like

My Dying Bride, Old Anathema, Daylight Dies, Novembers Doom, Draconian, Swallow The Sun etc.


And some from different style of Metal Music Like Primordial, Opeth, Paradise Lost, Amorphis, Nevermore. 


Thank you for your time.



*I will try to fix some tone of course but we have a gig in a month and i don't know if i can make it. Any help will be very appreciated



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Hurghanico had replied but he deleted his reply.


Here was what he had written;


FX/amp chain order:


Les Paul bridge PU

HD in single input approach


MXR Dyna Comp (Red Comp)

Dual Rectifier (treadplate) with presence at 70%


MID FOCUS EQ  with HP FREQ and GAIN at 0%, and LP FREQ at 70% or less
Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble (analog chorus)

Digital Delay with Time at 20ms
Chamber reverb


He also put up a soundbyte and it sounded really good.



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