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POD with QSC K10 might be the best rig ever


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Hi everyone,


I just want to share my recent experience using the POD with a QSC K10. I spent a lot of time researching how to best make use of the POD. I'm completely new to it. My usual rig in the past has been a Marshall JVM410JS and a fender hot rod deluxe loaded with a celestion v30, playing with a strat and a PRS MCCarty, a mostly analog effects pedal board, and finally, a Taylor acoustic through a fishman loudbox.


Ive A/B'd all of this with the POD/QSC combo, and I can tell you unequivocally that I will not be using any of the amps for gigs any more, and I'm guessing that my wife is going to get mad at me because they "just sit there". POD/QSC combo is amazing to say the least. For a guitarist looking to expand tonal choices, the best advice I think I could give is to not waste your time or money buying multiple amps. Just buy this combo and you will be set for any gig, or in general getting any tone that you could possibly ever want.


Another suggestion I have is to not to bother purchasing any of the amp modeler boards if you're going to use it through a guitar amp. You won't even come close to taking advantage of the amp modeling unless you load it with a full range speaker, and that defeats the purpose of the amps design entirely. Go with multi effects only, which I can also put a plug in for the Line 6 effects, being some of the best I've heard.


I hope this helps anyone looking to either simplify an existing rig or expand their tonal choices. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.


Good tone hunting!

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Glad it is a combo you recommend! Those QSC K10s are $AU1,200 here but I know what you mean when the speaker and cab can handle the dynamics from the HD. It is great than the limits of an Amp/cab/combo and probably why Pros have stacks of them.


Be interested how it goes live! Do you also run to FOH? Or is it enough usually?

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