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Here's a weird one for you...

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I plumbed in a external pedal on effect loop 3 mono, in and out. I assigned a footswitch to it, When I have the switch off and kick on the pedal it comes into the unit. I tried setting a force mute on the return using controller assign reversing the min and max so when the switrch was off the level would drop to -60db. When I set the values it keeps changing the level on the return to +6db when I set it at+.3db. No matter how I save the +.3 value, delete and redo the block, it keeps changing to +6db. So loop 3 has a problem not muting the signal when commanded to be off????

And changing the level to +6db no matter what you set it at. I am using loop 2 for some drives and have not noticed the same problem. Tomorrow I will switch over to loop 4 and see if it has the same issue. When a loop is off it needs to mute the signal period. 

What also caught my attention is when the external pedal is off and the loop is supposed to be off the sound is not the same it alters the tone. If I turn off the block using the panel function bypass it shuts it off but assigning  foot-switch is not killing the loop and this is a true hard wire bypass pedal yet when off the loop is changing the sound at least on Loop 3. 


I did a support ticket on the problem. 

This is a big problem for me as I plan to use all of the loops for external pedals. 

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