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A shout out for another one of the many creative features of the Helix


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So I'm working on a little project where I need to record the same signal through an effect with several different settings in hopes I can get it tone-matched.


My DAW of choice is Sonar (Cakewalk) which I have been using since it was a DOS program !!!  So I kinda know my way around it.  I'm currently using a Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 interface.


After about 30-45 minutes of epic fail and a few occasional loud squeals from attempting to use the loop-back ability of my DAW, I remembered the Helix manual mentioned re-amping... and the helix has the ability to add loops.


About 15 minutes was all it took and most of that was copying the source file to the laptop I use with the Helix in the other room and plugging things in.  The DAW (Sonar) was up and running and setup to record within the 1st 5 minutes.


I just followed the instructions on page 53 of the manual. I created a pre-set, and the only blocks were a send and return (set to 100% mix).  Done !!!


What an amazing unit.   

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