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Losing volume on my amp using the 4-cable method


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I have an amp with an FX loop and used this method to connect the HD500:

Guitar > Pod guitar in Pod effects loop out > Amp guitar in Amp effects loop out > Pod effects loop return Pod unbalanced out > Amp effects loop return (power amp in)

It's working but I lose much volume on my amp.  The HD500 Master volume is of course full on.  How come?  Thank you.



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The output level on the Pod can be boosted by turning it up to line level (switch on the top).   But the Pod loses level internally and there are some tricks to compensate for that.


I don't use my HD500 anymore and don't swing by here often.   They 'revamped' this site so I  have no Idea where anything is but sometime back I wrote a guide that describes how to get good levels with the HD500 in 4CM.


There is a copy of it here, optimised for the Marshall JVM, here.  http://jvmforum.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=5333





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The FX loop has to have its levels adjusted and be sure to adjust its mix <- crank it to 100% and see what it does. There are some really good archived threads here going through various amps and the 4CM. Google 4CM Pod HD FX Loop Volume and you will have more info then you thought.


BTW Jim's guide is really good (I have plagiarized before too - Thanks Jim!) :)

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