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Does the Tone Port UX2 work in Windows 10 Yes or No?


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I have read countless threads on the subject and it seems to me that all anyone can say is "Maybe". Some people say they got it to work because they upgraded from Windows 8 where the TonePort worked. Others say they got it to work by basically "jiggling wires" in terms of disabling and re-enabling the device in device manager. Some say it "did" work and then stopped. This is a huge mess of answers.


Can anyone say without a doubt. Yes or No?


I have tried everything to get my TonePort UX2 Red to work under Windows 10. With the latest Windows 10 drivers. The device is so simple to use. Install the drivers, and plug it in. Not a lot of technical stuff to do. Under Windows 8 on my laptop, that is exactly what I can do. Under Windows 10, the TonePort is just plain dead. The device manager sees it but it is banged out. I have to disable the device and re-enable it. Then there is no bang on the hardware in device manager but it still doesn't work. The needles on the front don't even move. I know Windows sees something is there as the unit blinks it's red lights at me like crazy until I install the drivers. Then the red lights stop and it just stares at me dead. I have done all the line 6 monkey stuff, which is just a mess. Using Monkey to install drivers or manually doesn't help. Plus Monkey will not let me download PodFarm.. it only lists PodFarm 2.5 which I don't own. Yet even in trial mode that didn't work.


So here I am. I have no choice but to change computers and the only OS on these computers is Windows 10. Am I just screwed? I have a great piece of hardware that works fine on outdated OSes.

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Mine works fine with WIndows 10. UX8 toneport

Would you be kind enough to link me to the drivers you are using? Also, are you on a clean install of Windows and is it 32 or 64 bit? Oh one more thing. Do you know if you are plugged into a USB 2.0 port or a USB 3.0 port. My computer has no USB 2.0 ports, so I am worried that's the problem.

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I'm on a USB 3.0 port. 


The software is all done through Line 6 Monkey. 


I just updated all the drivers last weekend, or the Monkey did...


Maybe you can try a new cable if that doesnt work. When I downloaded the Free Windows 10 Im not sure what it downloaded.

I was worried but had read good things.


Another note I did with Windows 10 is turn off Driver Update.....Windows updates all the time but you can deselect the drivers from being updated which I recommend. It took me awhile but wasnt too hard and Im not very good with software, but I did it.


You can Google around Windows 10 stop updating drivers.....


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After experiencing this issue with my gearbox ux1 failing today after a reinstallation of win 10, i got it working.


I had tried everything. Every single driver, old and newer. Uninstall /reinstall drivers everything, reading countless similar issues with users online. I was banging my head against my guitar. Countless blue screens. Line monkey not working. Literally giving up but then found the solution! My device was given to me by a mate back in 2005ish so i am unable to register it as its quite old now despite not being registered previously. I have the orig install disc somewhere but cannot find it. 


It is to do with your audio settings and default devices. I use via hd audio for my output this needs to be set as; output tab or play tab to default and on the recording tab to gearbox toneport ux1 (,or the device you are using) has to be set as default communication device. You have to also tick a box for; listen to this device and you also need to tick the box on twin/dual audio output within system audii or the pc will not play audio at the same time as playing the output from gearbox or whichever hardware device you are using.


Hopefully if anyone has this issue of their device no longer working in win 10 this will save them from throwing their device in the bin and getting something else. Why don't Microsoft make things clearer and easier for users to figure things out? Then again that is not what Microsoft do right. Cant stand them myself. 


Hope this helps someone out there.



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