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How to set up MIDI, External Amp, & CV control video from Blue Oyster Cult guitarist


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Richie Castellano, guitarist from Blue Oyster Cult, with a video on how to set up MIDI, External Amp, and CV control. This guy has a knack for making things look easy. I love how he uses the Control (CV) input on a Boss pedal to enable the Helix to control it. This video made me realize that I have a few old pedals with control inputs that I had not considered that I could actually leverage with the Helix. There are a couple of shortcuts he is not aware of yet but for someone who has only owned his Helix for three weeks it is remarkable what he has accomplished and his videos are incredibly helpful. I am learning from him and I have owned the Helix for a year. Won't be the first time or the last that a new user schools me. What a pro!



Thanks to mileskb for initially bringing this fellow and his videos to light on the forum and TonyHay over on The Gear Page for bringing this latest video to our attention. Ordinarily I would have just posted this video in the topic mileskb started but the subject matter of this particular video deserves its own heading.

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