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JTV-89F piezon does not work properly

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The issue I'm having with my JTV-89F, is that when my modelling function is turned on, several of the strings do not respond properly and do not have consistent output.  I can assume this is an issue with the piezo.  Is there a way to reset the piezo to respond properly?  I don't have a reason why this happened as it worked one day and then the next, not so much.  I have searched for a solution but haven't found a resource that pertains specifically to my problem.  Any thoughts?


Thanks \m/

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Piezo outputs vary. That's why Workbench allows you to adjust the levels of each string individually, on a per model basis, as well as globally. Though personally, I find the global string volume to be of little use, as some models have more of a disparity than others. What works for the LP models probably won't for the Strat. Pretty much everyone has a bunch of tweaking to do initially to get string-to-string volumes leveled out.

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There was a guy who had reseated, in some manner, the piezo's in his JTV89F and this particular issue was fixed. It wasn't as bad as you have described your issue. I asked for a picture but he never responded. I have a low piezo output issue on my high e string. I used crusinon's workbench suggestion but I had to raise the e strigns output 6dB which fixed the problem but limits me if there are any issues with any other strings. I'm changing my strings very soon which I haven't done since seeing the reseating piezos post, so I'll have a look and if I find anything when I change them, I'll take a pic and post it if I find anything. Otherwise for now, Workbench is your only hope. Unless you want to try jiggling your piezos yourself.

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If Firmware fix doesn't do it, then there are the following possibilities,...

- the piezo connection sequence is incorrect.

- piezo not failed, but will fail.

- aspect of the program that is not correct, this would require a circuit board swap

and the original board sent to me for re-programming.

- earlier version circuit board,... not likely, since the serial number is one that would have the current version board in it.


In any case, the afore mentioned possibilities should be looked at by the Line 6 authorized service tech in your area,

as they would also do the set-up on it and check out other aspects to make certain that nothing else is contributing to the

root cause of any problem.



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