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Cable required for Android


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Surprised at how sparse some of the documentation is. Anyway, looked for the type of cable required to go from the amp to my Android tablet.


All the guide says is OTG adapter and that's it. No other mention...


It appears that this cable needs to be male on both ends but when I look in Amazon seems like they are all male on one side and female on the other.


Any ideas what the exact cable that i need and where I can buy it would be appreciated!

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Post #4 on the thread below (by spcjak7221) has a link to the adapter that you need.




If you want to play MP3s from your tablet  via USB, you also need to be on 5.0.1 or 6.0.1 (6.0.1 works best, I've read 5.0.1 is flaky), or you can run a male-to-male 1/8" cable from the tablet's headphone out to the Spider V's Aux In. I tried both and I prefer USB Audio, as the Aux In did not sound as good as USB to my ears.


Also, make sure that the switch on the back of the Spider V points to the appropriate USB port (you want the one next to MAC/PC/ANDROID and use that USB port).


So you need the OTG adapter to plug into the tablet. The USB-A side goes into the USB cable and the USB-B side goes into the Spider V. Once both cables are put together, it should look like the pic below.




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Downloading application was easy. Done! Find the best cable to link smartphone (android) or computer is not! Description is correct, thanks, but I have no idea where to find best cable. Please send front pic of female (amplifier). Is there a specific name for the cable from amplifier? OTG is adaptor between this specific cable to smartphone or tablet, correct?

Bit lost, though happy with the amplifier!

Thanks in advance.

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Reference the attached photo.  For Android users, that's the end goes in the back of the amp.  The other end of that cable needs to be able to fit your tablet.  Perhaps if you post a pic of the connector on your tablet, we'll be able to help you find the right cable.


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The square USB connector on the Spider is a USB type B. You get a type B to type A cable, they are very common, just look for a USB printer cable.





From this cable all you need is an OTG adapter to connect to your tablet or phone. You need an OTG since tablets or phones are not designed to connect with another USB device of the same type (in most cases). You also need this type of adapter to connect an external drive to a phone ofor example.


You can get a female type A connector to a male micro USB OTG adapter (assuming this whst you have on your tablet or phone)

Amazon.com for cheap.



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