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Will there be a Helix control 2.0?


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Apologies if this has been addressed.


But is there any plan on having a helix 2.0 controller? similar to the FBV line upgrades? Is this even a possibility with the helix rack or does the software limit it to what hardware already exists? I currently have a very integrated midi/loop/rack set up and while experimenting I wish I had more foot switches to utilize similar to the RJM master mind 16/22.

I know I could just buy one of those to control midi but I really love how well integrated the Helix control is just wishing it was about 1.5-2 times bigger(1 or 2 more rows). Any chance this is a possibility in the future? Or am I stick with 3rd party options?

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They could certainly make a new version that has perhaps MIDI implemented and maybe is larger and with built-in expression pedals, but they made it this size so you could fit it in a 2-sp rack drawer.

Also, if they added more buttons it would probably be a serious firmware upgrade and the firmware would end up being so different on Rack than FLoor that it might not be worth it.

I don't think they need to update Control. I love it just as it is.

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I honestly wouldn't want the added midi or expression pedal, just one more row of buttons. Adding a row would not change the width of the board, just the depth so the sizing should be the same there  

I may be alone, but having an extra row of 6 buttons on the bottom of the board allowing the user to have two rows of effects and one as snapshots, or having two sets of snapshots and line row of presets, or one row of presets, one of snapshots, and one of quick effect changes (just a boost or room EQ type thing for when you notice mid song that the room is eating your lows/mids/highs) or just have all effects would be extremely useful.


I do love the control and helix, I have it integrated pretty well into my rack system, but when working on new original songs that I am still figuring out the tone for it would be much easier to have an extra row of buttons to try out any of the effects I am using.


At some point the Floor and rack unit would have to have different firmware anyways to allow word clock anyways am I incorrect? I was mostly curious if this was possible to even do


Also I have not found any drawers that actually fit the control in them width wise. Shelves yes but most drawers are about 1/2" too small to fit the control in. The only drawer I found that could fit the control is a deep 18" drawer and even then I have to put it in sideways. If you are using any that fit please share so I can buy one. haha

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