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HD500X Phones Jack/Output


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Hi. A new HD500X user here. Just wanted to ask if you guys have the same experience with your Phones output on your unit. I have plugged  different headphones/earphones on the unit and I do not get a consistent output. My headphones/earphones have 3.5mm plugs so I use the same for all. What happens is that when I use my earphones all I hear is some kind of reverb effect only. I have to pull out the phone plug a bit in order for me to hear the full output of my HD500x.


Hope you guys can provide some clarification on this. Thanks! :)



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That sounds like a phase issue that is due to not being properly plugged in. 


Test it using your patches.

The next time you have this "reverb only" issue, make a patch that is panned completely left and completely right.
I bet it will sound normal. But as you pan the left and right to be more centered, it will start to phase out.


And if that is the case, just buy a new adapter or headphones.

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Two things: 1/8 adaptors for 1/4 used to cause issues due to the length. Could be the reason you have to pull the jack back a bit. Second would be the jack or socket has some oxidation which a shot of DeOxit could fix.


Just guessing mind you.



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