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Stagescape M20d - Aux-input(audio Jack) Without Trim Control - Bug?

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I want to use the aux input(beside the L6 output), but I cannot adjust the trim of the input.

Is there a reason why there is no trim control or is it a bug and can be solved in the future firmware update ?


Thanks for help.

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The Aux inputs are digital streaming inputs, fed by an external computer (usb cable connection) or an external SD/USB card/drive. To use a connected laptop you need to assign a stage icon (there is a default laptop preset). If you connect an SD card or USB drive the M20d activates the Media Player. In either case an encoder is assigned like other inputs and you can adjust the levels. I'm not sure whether you can control the Trim level for these, but you can certainly use the encoder to balance the output levels relative to other inputs.


Update: I've just confirmed that you cannot adjust the Trim (input) level of the Media Player - just its output level.


Also, I realize you may have been talking about the AUX INPUT jack beside the L6 LINK output jack. That is designed to accept input from an external CD/mp3 player. It also behaves like the SD card input; a stage icon is assigned when you connect an 1/8" plug and you can control the output (not Trim) level.

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Thanks for your answer


I want to use the stereo aux input jack(beside the L6-Output), but it seems that there is no trim option awailable for it in the M20d software.

If I want to use the inputs for low level signal sources, then I have to use additional gear (e.g. a pre-amp)


Is the missing trim function a hardware restriction of the input jack or could it be added by a firmware update in future ?

It would be a great advantage if we could use the trim option also for the aux input jack. 


Thanks for help

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What you are asking for would require the addition of a hardware preamp.  The jack is intended for iPods and similar and therefore does not have a trim control.


What signal did you have in mind?

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I want to use Rode NT4 stereo microphone at the aux-input jack.

The NT4 has an internal phantom powersupply.

The Rode kit includes 2 cable sets. One with standard XLR-connectors and one with the mini stereo trs connector.


It would be very practical, if I could use the trim function to adjust the gain of the input signal.  

These would extend the functionality of the M20d to 18 equal working hardware inputs.

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Yes, the Aux inputs were never intended to receive a mic level signal.  


What you are looking for is a preamp that adds gain not a trim control that reduces it.  So you'll need to add an external mic preamp to make this happen.

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