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FBV: Why no note for controller?

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Ive done a lot of work programming different foot controllers in the past and after looking for a way to use various FBV mkII (ie shortboard and express), I notice the absence of note on/off controllers...which is a real issue; well at least it has controllers for bank up/down...but wait...then I look at my HD500 ..cant assign controllers to bank switches...but theres more...the HD500 actually has note on/off assignable (which is where I started and could safely assume would be across the range). They are great products but the limitations/half baking are wearing...why such an inconsistency in schema? Are there teams of 50 programmers broken into committees so that no one knows what the other is doing? I think not...but to be honest...its so frustrating...just want a simple job done. Im actually just trying to use a HD desktop in my rig and get rid of the HD500 but, guess what...no midi via usb to the desktop, only FBV...wherever I turn Im blocked. Anyway...sorry for the vent but is there some workaround?...someone with an updated firmware? 






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