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XLR direct out nothing but hisss help


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It's theoretically possible, but I don't think it's very likely that the firmware update is involved. You may want to double-check:


- Helix physical master volume is up

- the patch has a Multi or XLR output set up appropriately

- Phantom Power is off at the mixer or interface that the Helix is connected to

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All patches are giving the same hisss.

Master volume is up and I can hear it though my DT25 amp direct.

Phantom Power is off now but it was on.  Made no difference.


Anything else ?




You said you tested your cable with your Neumann, I assume you are referring to your mic. Have you tried testing with a 1/4 output or is this only happening when you use XLR out? Also, is your headphone out hissing as well?


My first suggestion is always the same after trying alternate guitar, XLR, and 1/4 guitar cables, making sure cables are seated properly, checking global settings, the equipment you are plugging into to monitor, and the rest of the likely suspects. Back everything up (bundle, setlists, presets, IRs) and then reflash the firmware and do a global reset. You can try a global reset first without the firmware reflash to see if this helps. I know this sounds like a standard answer sort of like 'reboot the computer' but it cures a lot of ills. Good luck with this, hopefully it is not a defective unit.

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