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Tap Tempo: Midi clock out? Slave to clock in??

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Ok, I looked up the midi sync issues on other threads, have set it up (HD500) that way but it def does not work...its clocking out and I can see that in midiox...when I looked up the actual example, translated from spanish, the user had only theorised and never used it live. I am getting wierd tempo...around double the tempo on the HD500 but it is not consistent. ie 75 on Live = 150 on HD with tempo being sent to HD...any ideas?


This also highlights a completely ridiculous scenario...with the Pod HD on the other system...how am I meant to get it to sync fx to Live? NO MIDI IN OR MIDI VIA USB...I dont usually swear but you know, this is complete rubbish; if one wants syncd rhythmic effects ie delay on the PODHD, how is that accomplished? Thats what Im talking about...a very narrow cultural outlook snookers users into corners...unless I am missing something very obvious? Did no one actually test this stuff in any scenario except the Line 6 r&d rooms? Yeh its negative rant because I just  cannot believe it can be so bad. Someone suggested using software ie Pod Farm...hmm...guess what? NO HD and you CANT EVEN SELECT A PROG VIA PROGRAM CHANGE!!! Completely missing from the midi implementation.

Booh line 6...just not accpetable.


If there was a decent HD software solution, I would give these HW units away to the next door neighbours kids immediately.



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