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Left hand side speaker(s) not working?


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I've had my FH 1500 since June, and I've always had the impression that sounds come mainly from the right hand side and the center, in that order of loudness. It doesn't sound 'symmetrical' if you get my point, and yes both my ears are still functioning, thank you   ;)  Yesterday I used it at 'serious volume' for the first time, and the impression became stronger. As there are so many speakers it's difficult to be a 100 % sure though.

I use the FH as amplification for my Helix (stereo out of the Helix to the monitor in of the FH with the latters gain at max, I also have a dry send from the Helix to the guitar in of the FH), but the impression remains when I use the FH as a stand alone.  Two questions before I have it serviced (a bit of a hassle, hence the questions):


1. could this be some kind of 'setting' I'm not aware of ('mono', 'normal stereo' and 'wide stereo' don't change it)?


2. is there a way of determing beyond doubt that the left side speakers are not working (without opening the box of course) as in : 'hook it up in this and this way, pan extremely, and if you get no (or faulty) sound then something's out of order' ?


Note: when I say 'left', I mean when facing the speakers


Much obliged if anyone could help me out.




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Try the Facebook site with chad Boston. They have a crew over there that knows all about the helix and the Firehawk 1500. I just got mine the other day , so it's all new to me. Still learning my way around it.


Thanks, I checked it out. Chad suggested I would use an extreme ping pong delay. I did that and I heard the sound going back and forth from left to right, but my concern still is: could it be that the 'motion' I  hear is just between the central and the right speakers, or is that impossible? There's a lot of speakers in a relatively small box, that's why I'm not a 100 % sure.

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