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Using Firehawk 1500 with Positive Grid Bias Fx or Amplitube


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I bought this mainly for its own tones ( depending on how good they were ) and to run the helix into.


But I also thought about trying the software sims thru the FH just to see what it would sound like. I have not done it yet. Might do it later just to try it out. If not sometime during the week if I have time.

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I'm using my FH1500 with Bias FX too and it does works great, almost. The only problem is the same I've with the Helix; you get an awful hiss when using the XLR monitor IN, at Gain=0...and this is totally ruining the experience at higher volumes (>= 50%).


If they don't fix this I think I'll be selling mine in a couple of months.


If you are going to use that Monitor IN and high volume levels, I would NOT suggest to buy the amp, at the moment.

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I have not had a chance to run bias thru the FH 1500 yet, but, I did run my helix thru in two different congiurations.


The first was running my 1/4 out from helix to FH guitar input , and two helix XLR outs to the two Monitor in's on the FH ( did not have XLR out from FH connected, and the amp sounded great. I was pleasantly surprised it sounded that good.


I then connected the 1/4 out from helix to the FH guitar input, but didn't use the Monitors in. But in the case, I ran the XLR outs from the FH 1500 to a pair of Monitors, and again sounded great and huge.


In both cases I did not get hiss that I was aware of. I want to go back and explore this just to make sure , because I do use gains on lead notes and rhythm and have not detected this.


In both cases I did have to find the balance between guitar and overall volume, once I did that, I saved the preset as helix in my tones and it seems to work great.


So not sure if this is on ceratin. FH units or I am not detecting this with mine. I will definitley double check this to make sure I am not getting hiss.


This part probably belongs in the review section, but...

On a side note, My issue is the looper on the amp itself using as stand alone with the FBV 3 . It's opposite of the helix. They should of had a looper mode in the pedal set up like the helix. This one button thing is hard for me to work. Couldn't get a good loop going. I am sure it's user error, but that's my point. It's hard to go wrong with the looper in the helix.

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The hiss is a problem confirmed by a lot of users I have talked with. I also tried 3 different FH1500 myself, and all 3 were producing the same hiss.


Just connect two xlr cables to the FH monitor in, set the gain input to zero and the amp volume to 3/4. Be sure to have an empty patch to make the test. You dont need to play. Just send a clean signal to the helix.


The hiss is not present on the loop fx (at least not that loud) but just when using the monitor in at gain =>0, and gain has to be zero to keep the line signal at its original level.

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Hey Pier M


Thanks for the info. I am not trying to prove you wrong, as I am in the evaluation period , and want to try as many settings as I can and various scenarios .


This way I can decide if I am keeping it. It's so heavy, that I don't want to go thru the hassle of returning this beast.


I will try this out tomorrow.


i did do this before , when I was just testing it out in general , when I first got it, except I am not sure where my monitor gain setting was.


it really was very loud in the room, But, I am not sure what the FH Amp volume setting was at.


Also, what setting is your helix XLR out ?


I honestly hope I can't reproduce it , LOL.. Hiss is not good.


But at least on all my tests so far, the way I would use it, I have not had a hiss issue. But I also am not at gig level. However, I am at a very loud volume. So maybe it needs to be turned up more to get the hiss ? In that case I would be ok, because I can't turn it up anymore with out being too loud in my music room.

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Yeah, at bedroom levels the hiss is less, still there btw. I'm mostly playing clean, so for me the hiss is something way more noticeable than a shredder. :) It start being loud as hell after 3/4 of volume (gig volume), again, you don't need to play so you can test it in house too, without being arrested by cops. :D


BTW, Helix is set XLR--->Line, but you don't even need that as the hiss isn't noise induced by the source, but it's generated by the FH1500 gain section.

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