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HD500x Output options


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Hi Guys, probably another beginner question if you don't mind. :)


So far, I have tried the TRS (Amp mode), S/PDIF, and Phones output of my HD500x. They all sound different and I believe I have yet to dial in the best sound from them. Lately, I am inclined to try out the XLR output of my unit. My question now is, is there any significant differences in output between the S/PDIF and the XLR output? I mean, yes, one is analog and the other one is digital, but am I missing out on a significant difference in sound quality? Or am I missing out on a feature of the HD500x if I do not use the XLR output? I plan to send the XLR output to my monitor speakers via RCA input.


One more question, if I use the TRS output in line mode, will it be the same sound I would get from the XLR output (minus the XLR and TRS noise cancellation feature)?


Thanks in advance guys! Cheers!

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In a nutshell, TRS and XLR are both balanced. XLR brings the level to a mic level signal for a mic pre and TRS would be slightly louder line level which could also go into a line level preamp or line in on a console.

It depends what you are going into which seems to be your monitors by your post.


The monitors XLR input will be a lower level ideal coming from a mixer summing alot of channels and ideal for long cable runs, so too the TRS if it has it but most likely unbalance TS jack.


The TS jack will be louder and the RCA  probably louder again into your monitors. Won't need to crank the monitors so much.

If the cable runs are short the RCA or the jack will be fine coming from the HD.

If the RCA is a digital input that will be louder again.


I think the tone of the s/pdif into my interface sounds better than the XLR outs via a mix board. Have'nt tried it using the TRS outs which will probably be better with less gain needed from a channel input.

Depends on the desk your going into. 

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