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Phones - what is coming out of that jack??


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I have set a few patches up where I am feeding a real amp in 4CM (Bogner Shiva) on one signal path (2A )(set to 1/4"") and then have a parallel line with an IR, EQ and reverb set up to XLR only (2B) where I plan to have the preamp of the Shiva feed this IR and go FOH (saves micing cabs up)


When I play around with this in the house using the phones jack into my Bose Soundlink (which actually gets me a really good sound which was interpreting well into big PA) it sounds very buzzy - much like running a o/d pedal into a desk - I've even attempted to EQ it out, even added an amp in to the line to as I figured I may also need a poweramp sim to iron out the preamp only fizz...


All attempts have failed unfortunately :mellow:


So, before I take this to the rehearsal rooms with the full band, am I not "listening" to the actual output of that 2B line through the phones or is there something I'm missing?


I'll take a pic of the patch so you can see what I'm doing.


Or is there an amp model on here that I can use purely as a poweramp so I can get rid of the fizziness??

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I think the problem may lie in the fact that you're using an output that's built to drive earphones, and thus amplified.

Better connect to the line out, and set them to line in global settings.

The input on the soundlink can take iPhone and laptop headphone outs. It's more a case of just keeping the gain low on the headphone out on the Helix because it has a little more juice than those examples

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