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Clean piezo signal from JTV

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Clean piezo signal from JTV Idea Actions

JTV guitars have a great option - to play with modelled sound or to use real pickups ("mags"). It would be useful to have the same opportunity for piezo pickups - to play with clean piezo sound without modelling


You can vote here:



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It's right next to the "free guitars for Bob" (that's me) entry. I expect about as much attention to be payed to both requests...;)


Seriously though, as marvelous as it would be, the lack of that option has been griped about for years. If they were gonna do it, it would have happened already.

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It would be a great option.


I would love to see nylon string model too. 

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"Clean piezo signal from JTV ..."---  the closest thing to that right now

would be in "Custom 1", it's a JTV Model of itself.


Yeah Triryche,...  a nylon like the Valazquez we used to have on the Variax Acoustics

back in the day. I also play classical guitar, a nice nylon again would be a nice addition.

Nylon sound modeled after the Valazquez, who modeled his guitars in the Torres and

Hauser (who built guitars for Andre Segovia) techniques of guitar lutherie.


Clean piezo, "piezo pass",... and a nylon. There used to be an on-board reset ability, 

but that was taken away for memory space for other things including the HD capabilities.

So memory constraints would have to be taken into consideration.


Maybe a Clean Piezo and Valazquez Nylon String Models would be something to

put into Workbench HD and loaded into the guitar as a Custom Model. Something

to consider for Idea Scale,... and might, (I emphasize "might") might be easier to

implement,... as it would get around memory limits of the guitar. Use it as an add-on

for those who would like it.

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