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g90 Relay-Dead?


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I have no idea what's happened-my g90 was working fine, now it doesn't power up. Fuse ok in IEC socket, power lead working fine-the thing just seems to have died on me.


I guess I'm out of warranty by now, so would need to be a paid repair, but it concerns me that it's had only occasion light useage-never gigged. Has anyone else experienced this?



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Ok, out of warranty, so nothing to lose by having a look. Turns out the SMPS module inside had cooked it's inrush limiting resistor. Having replaced the module with one with appropriate characteristics, it's working fine again now.

What surprises me is the way this feature has been implemented on the original PSU- It appears to have been an afterthought, since one leg of the PCB mounting fuse has been lifted from the board and the resistor placed in series, with the resulting assembly then encased in heat-shrink. For low-volumes/prototypes, I guess this is understandable, but for production volumes of pro-grade equipment? These things aren't exactly cheap, either....

Basically, I'm disappointed in a shoddy and unreliable hack of a feature which ought to have been properly implemented in the first place.

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Hi David!

I think I have the same problem and I'm trying to take apart the unit atm. I just wanted to ask a few questions.


Did you replace the whole PSU on the PCB and if so, what model/PSU did you replace it with?

Does the PSU clip off of the main PCB or do I need to desolder it?




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