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Name That Riff!


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Thanks for your work, man!

I know it's not the focus of the video and thread, but I'd love to know folks' ideas re: a good preset for this song. On the original recording, with headphones I think I hear a beefy scooped sound, but not as distorted as the above video. But I also hear mids? I'm guessing one of the British models. For the live vids I could find on YouTube, this one sounds similar to the studio but maybe a tiny bit more distorted. This one too, but a little less distorted and tinnier (Les Paul vs. SG?)

Re: the lick, in addition to the power chord/fifths, I can also (barely) hear the third (C#) in there too :-)

My weekend cover band plays this one with two guitars and all the harmonies, and it's great fun! Audience reception is pretty good too :-O Thanks, all.

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