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11/11 free 3Sigma IR! (today only..)


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Probably because he runs the group as a means of self-promotion, lol


Yup, just went there, asked a question, first answer was by Mr. CB "My premium Helix group blah blah blah..."


I was like...WTH? 


Also, does anyone know preset settings to get the sound from the first minute or so of the demo above?

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I can't tell what cabinet this was from. US Custom does't really tell me much. Anybody know what cab this free IR is?-Max

I remember reading it on thegearpage. Joe Quick wrote this:


"Our UK Custom is going to sound in the same vein as a Marshall and Orange. The US Custom is going to be in the same vein as a Mesa and EVH. I will note these aren't just simply adding two cabs together and printing. We're breaking each impulse down into many multiband sections and combining them in a unique way to make an ideal balance that not only sounds great but will give your guitars more perceived volume than a traditional ir or real cabinet can provide."

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