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Spider IV 15 preset settings

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I've seen a video here;

and wondered if there is something similar on the 15? The reason I ask is trying to find a baseline to adjust the presets; for example, if I set all dials to max then 'factory reset', all the settings remain at max: same with min.

Is there a preset setting, or am I getting the wrong idea and the amp is just emulating the sound of a type of amp and the settings are all your own?


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When you do the factory reset are you holding the clean button while you power up? That is a factory reset. If the amp is on and you hold down the clean button you are saving whatever you did as a preset. This is in the pilot guide, which you can get on Line 6's website.


The 15 doesn't have all the capabilities of the higher watt models. For example, you can only have 4 presets which if you want to change you have to dial in and then save by holding a preset button for 2 seconds. There are some other tips in the pilot guide about adding a boost or using a manual type setting, etc.

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