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I swore off Line 6 modeling...


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Until today. I just came home with the Helix. I've been GAS'ing for one for the longest. Only had it an hour, and I have the biggest smile on my face. I haven't had this big a smile since I bought my first tube amp. This thing is AWESOME, and I am SO glad I gave Line 6 another chance on the modeling front after owning the Flextone 3 XL and the Firehawk FX. Granted this is the most I've spent on a single piece of gear, I've had BIG time hesitation doing so, but after getting it home and playing with it a bit, I am completely SOLD. This thing is awesome! I wish I had gone this route instead of my "all analog pedal board" phase I went through. And to top it all off, I've only been playing through headphones (Sony MDR7506)! I can't wait to play it some more, get it hooked up to my Marshall, and ditch my pedalboard. Thank you Line 6! That is all... :D

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I wish I had gone this route instead of my "all analog pedal board" phase I went through...



Welcome to the fold! The good thing about that collection of pedals is that selling a few of them off will go along way towards off-setting the expense of Helix. I sold I think 15 pedals and paid for it entirely. And I only regret one of them.

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