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POD X3 Live in USB to Audacity/FLStudio 12 has noises/crackling


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Hello everybody!
I'm having a strange issue with recording to my PC using the POD X3 Live with Asio (both ASIO4ALL and X3 Live ASIO) plugged in directly to it.
When I record every sound, including clean/distorted/chorus etc, I got a very dirty sound which isn't what I'm hearing from my headphones. It's a low dirty/crackling sound but it's there and I hate that. On distortion it gets even worse.
I thought it was a problem of drivers or firmwares, so I downloaded the Line6 Monkey tool to upgrade software stuff but it was everything up to date. So I tried to mess around with ASIO's settings but nothing worked.
I recorded a clip and I'm attaching that to this post, so you can hear what I'm talking about.

My PC specs are:
-AMD A8-3850
-8GBs of DDR3 RAM

Of course every driver was installed, reinstalled and updated to the latest version.
What can I do to fix this? In previouses recordings I've never had that!

Sorry for my bad english but I'm italian, I hope I said everything quite clear :P


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