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4CM Question for POD HD500X


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Hey everyone I just had a few questions regarding the setup of my HD500X through the 4CM method, I have read a few tutorials and stuff but these questions are more related to my amp specificly.

I am using the HD500X in 'stomp box mode' purely for effects and not amp sims / cabs.

Im using my real tube amp for a pre-amp via FX send/return.


I have a Class A Bugera Infinium G5 5W Tube amp & 1X12 Cab.


I have the cables set up correctly, I have the 1/4 out set to 'line' and the fx loop set to 'stomp'

On the back of my amp I have the loop set to -10dB instead of +4dB.


In the pedal I have it set to combo pwr amp, Guitar Z = 3.5, and Input 1 as Guitar and Input 2 as Variax (From tutorial)


I have the a studio eq insert before my FX loop insert with a '+12dB' gain boost to compensate for the level difference (From tutorial)


In the mixer at the end of the chain I have it set to Volume A = -8dB and panned to center, Volume B = Mute. (From tutorial)


First of all is all of this correct? If so the couple of questions I have is;


1: Do I need to use a studio EQ for the gain boost before the FX loop or is there another way to do it without taking up an insert? (Via mixer maybe?) - Because I also read another tutorial where someone did it through the mixer and didn't use an EQ to boost anything. Or what about the send and return gain levels on the FX loop insert itself?


2: My amplifier has a power attenuator which lets me select between 0.1W, 1W and 5W. Would this be the absolute final stage in the chain? Or would it be the master volume on the pedal itself? Basically I just want to know what actually adjusts the overall master volume of everything. And also if the power attenuator on the amp actually affects the input to the HD500X at all or if it purely makes the power amp section of the amplifier quieter/louder and doesn't affect the preamp?


3: How do I go about setting the volume levels on my clean channel and distortion channel to suit the input of the HD500X?


Any help would be much appreciated even if it's just advice on how to test these theory's to get the correct volume & signal levels across the chain would be awesome.


Thank you, Michael.

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Thanks man but I still need a little more detail than that please, Instead of placing the mixer before the FX loop am I able to just increase the gain on the send/return controls via the fx loop insert instead?


My amp does not have a master volume but it does have a power attenuator (0.1, 1 & 5W) so im assuming this will be the overall final stage? And once I have chosen one then the pedals master volume would be the overall volume control right? 


Also what would happen if I were to place the mixer faders before the fx loop wouldn't the post fx be affected by this?

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The above explained tutorial from Tyler works great, i use it in a little differend way. I set the inputs one to "guitar", and the second to "same", and the mixer faders centred, but on 0db, i have the idea that this way the compressors and the drive effects react more realistic. The mixer's faders on zero instead of +3, and the inputs guitar and same compensate the db lost on the send output, for the rest it is the same as in the video from Tyler posted by "Master"   ;)  Hurghanico, Huub.

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Hello , i have a line6 hd500 plugged into an IRT studio via the 4 cables method...the fx loop produces noise just like ground noise...it is not the pickup noise since a noise gate does not help..even when I unplug the guitar I still hear it....I dont have such a noise when plugin the hd directly in the amp return ..adjusting the fx block signal in the fx block of the pod does not influence the behavior of the noise ... the pod is set up to amp not to line and is in stomp boxe mode..... any suggestion ??

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A mundane question about the HS500X:


What are the dimensions  LxHxW?  And weight?  This not findable on the website.


Thanks anyone who applies the ruler and scale - -








HD500: H: 2.91", W: 21.50, D: 10.29"

HD Bean: H: 6 1/4 W: 11" D: 1 1/4"

HD Pro: 2U Rackspace

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  • 2 months later...

HELLO GYS, this is my conclusion about my experience : 


i was able to dial my sound and i dont have any tone suck any more...the think is .....


 the pod pre amps are far more musical and sounds better than IRT pre amps. when I switched between IRT CLEAN PRE AMP and blackface pre amp in the pod via the use of 4 cables method I WAS WAAAAAAAAW WHAT THE HELL greaaat sound. 


Its hard for me to understand how digital piece of gear sounds better than a full tube amp...After this experience, I think the LINE6 DT 25 is the way to go...

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The HD500 preamps are very good yes. I am currently turning off all cab modeling and using a Palmer speaker simulator after the POD straight into an FRFR speaker and it sounds pretty real.The cab modeling is so difficult to deal with I gave up on it and bought the Palmer.

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