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How to troubleshoot the tt


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I just plugged in the unit for the first time. I have my guitar plugged in and headphones via plug adapter. I turned on the power and only "A" lights up. Bluetooth didn't respond and no lights around the master volume. I couldn't get any sound through my headphones. Is there anything I can do or should I seek a replacement?

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I would recommend the following two options:


A Factory reset:  Press and hold the Master Volume knob and Tone button as you power up.


Regardless if the Factory reset solves your issue or not, I highly recommend performing a Firmware update via the 'Line 6 Updater'. Download the Line 6 updater via this link:  http://line6.com/software/readeula.html?rid=7197     and install that latest firmware via USB. 


Let us know your results. 



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We tried updating this unit when first purchased and after the update all it does is flash on then turns off. Cant get the factory reset to work since power won't come on long enough, same with any updates of firmware. We submitted a ticket with them as well. Line 6 is great, I have the v60 amp and its amazing trying to get this added and it will be ultimate! Friend has always had great experiences with them when he had to get things fixed, my stuff never breaks :-) I'm looking forward to hearing from support. 

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