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Firehawk FX: many problems in short time! Suggestions, please!


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My name is Dan

I just have purchased a unit Firehawk FX, couple of weeks ago. I already found with disappointment that there are some important issues that I did not expect at:

1) "Pilot's Guide" product manual does not provide all the necessary information about using this product.

2) "Remote Firehawk" do not offer some important features like "undo" or "erase patch".

4) There is not sufficient written information or videos on the use of this product.

3) "Firehawk FX" does not have a PC interface.

4) Problems connecting via Bluetooth.

5) I tried to use "Firehawk FX" as audio recording board and I already encountered some major problems. Obviously, following the instructions on the official website "Line 6" I installed the driver it needs. I connected the unit, as directed video. I did settings in audio software. I could get sound from audio software but I did not have a guitar signal. I could "hear" the guitar only after recording in audio software. Intuitively, I changed the switch on the rear panel "amp / line" and I was able to have in audio speakers, both guitar / soft audio , but the sound is bad and slightly distorted. Finally, for "crowned with success" all these operations, the unit has frozen. Just as I had seen in some videos ...


I'm guitarist with enough experience, playing guitar for over 30 years. I used until now quality products that not offered me such surprises in a short time! I think I made a wrong decision based on information provided by the "Line 6". What can I do now? Help, please!

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With a list like that, maybe take it back?


The documentation is limited but that's intentional because the product is meant to be intuitive and easy to operate. If the unit is now not working at all, then you should return it.


My only other advice if you get it working again is to persist with experimenting, try not to overthink or complicate the set up, and hopefully you'll find the FH does 95% of what you need, in a fairly easy manner. Good luck.

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