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Pod Hd Pro Volume Pedal Setup Inoperative


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Hi All,


I have an HD Pro with the MKII shortboard. I have a bank of 4 user patches that I set up exclusively, but I can't get the volume pedal to function. It is the first component in the chain on all 4 patches, but there is no function at the simply doesn't do anything. I followed the manual, but no change, and volume has never worked. Am I missing something in the program or parameters setup? Thanks.

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Here's the complete solution!: (at least on the POD HD desktop)


The first steps you already know:

- Import a volume pedal in your signal chain, the same way you would add a stomp box for instance. The most logical position is at the beginning of the signal chain.


- You can add the wah wah effect the same way, however: I don't know yet how to assign the wah to the FBV shortboard Mk11 volume pedal properly.  I want to save the preset with the wah effect turned of bij default.


Assign the volume and wah to the pedal:


Go to the volume in the signal path and press and hold the enter button. now the FS assign window appears and you can select the exp toe switsch by turning the multi function knob 1. As soon as both the wah and volume works properly switch the channel to volume using the footpedal (green light) and then save your preset again.


I figured it out on the POD HD desktop. I hope it works the same way on the other POD HD devices such as the HD Pro


Hope this helps...


It is all in the manual but it does take some practice...

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