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Do I get a participation medal?



Only if you're under 30 with a degree in one of the "nothing is ever anybody's fault" social engineering, pseudo-disciplines that we've invented do "educate" today's existential misanthropes...;)


"Safe spaces" are over that way, just beyond the Crying Pavilion...;)

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 But they say 50 is the new 30.


Is that in pants size too?


Unfortunately not.


One word, though - two actually - Caveman Diet.


I lost 45 pounds on that without really trying.  Forget rabbit foot salads and calorie counting.  All calories are not created equal.  Turns your 50 inch waist into a 30 without being hungry.  First two weeks are the hardest as your body rebels.  Get past that and you will no longer crave those waist-loving carbs and turn your body into a ripped, fat-burning furnace.

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